Mapping Project Based Learning to Digital Capabilities

The image below attempts to map the Jisc digital capabilities with the seven stages of project based learning.  It is intended to highlight the potential of using digital and social media and the skills that may be developed as a result of this. matching-digital-capabilities-to-pbl

Sharpe and Beetham pyramid model is a useful visual to take stock of the digital capabilities you are aware of and perform as a skill. Where these become really valuable is when you can evidence examples of using these skills in your practice.

Digital_Literacies_pyramid_modelDigital Literacies Pyramid Model (Sharpe and Beetham 2010)



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Sharpe, R. & Beetham, H. (2010) Understanding students’ uses of technology for learning: towards creative appropriation, in R. Sharpe, H. Beetham and S. de Freitas (Eds.) Rethinking learning for the digital age: how learners shape their experiences, pp 85 – 99. RoutledgeFalmer: London and New York.