Digital Capabilities

Highlighting the value of digital and social media to enhance Project Based Learning is the focus of this website. The key objectives for doing so are to:

  • Introduce new ways to develop organisation skills
  • Highlight different approaches that enable digital communication, collaboration and curation
  • Utilise technology to build independence, confidence and the capabilities to be self-directed learners.
  • Provide a framework for a doable and sustainable approach to critical reflection
  • Make links between project based learning activities and employability skills

“Success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”
Thomas Edison

The skills that can be developed from engaging in Project Based Learning and through creating your own digital toolkit to complete your project are far reaching.  We live and work in a digital age and technology is empowering us as lifelong and life wide learners to take ownership of our own personal development.  Increasingly the use of technology is providing new ways to communicate socially and in the workplace. The mobile phones we carry in our pockets are as powerful as the desktop computer. Learning how to use the affordances of digital and social media to enhance the ways we can interact and collaborate can literally open new doors.

Digital Literacies


(Wheeler 2015)

As (aspiring) professionals developing digital literacies extends way beyond being able to use Microsoft Office.  Jisc define digital literacies as:

The capabilities which fit someone for living,
learning and working in a digital society.


Digital Capabilities Model

The Digital Capabilities model considers six elements, which can be seen in the diagram below. These are ICT proficiency; information, data and media literacies; digital creation innovation and scholarship; communication collaboration and participation; digital learning and self development; and digital identity and wellbeing.

digital capabilities.jpg

(Jisc 2015)

It is important for everyone as lifelong learners to be able to thrive in an increasingly digital society. Developing our digital capabilities can enhance the way we connect, communicate and collaborate with others, as well as open new pathways to create and curate information and resources.



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