Web Literacy

Web Literacy

Mozilla Web Literacy Model

In this model web literacies are grouped as Read (how we explore the web), Write (how we build the web) and Participate (how we connect on the web).

  • Read: search, navigate, synthesise, evaluate
  • Write: design, code, compose, revise, remix
  • Participate: connect, protect, open practice, contribute, share

21st Century Skills are grouped as Problem-Solving, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.


Web Literacy 2.0

Mozilla describes web literacy as:

“Knowing how to read, write, and participate in the digital world has become the 4th basic foundational skill next to the three Rs—reading, writing, and arithmetic—in a rapidly evolving, networked world. Having these skills on the web expands access and opportunity for more people to learn anytime, anywhere, at any pace. Combined with 21st Century Leadership Skills (i.e. critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, communication), these digital-age skills help us live and work in today’s world.”



Below you can download a Web Literacy checklist and a 21st Century Skills checklist. This may be used to identify your current competencies and areas you may wish to develop.


Web Literacies checklist
21st Century Skills checklist


Mozilla Web Literacy https://learning.mozilla.org/en-US/web-literacy/

Web Literacy 2.0 http://mozilla.github.io/content/web-lit-whitepaper/