Stages of a project


In undertaking any project there are a number of stages to consider. For some of these stages you may go back and forth.

Typically the project will start with a question, problem or challenge. This will lead on to many other questions.

Projects are usually time limited so it is important to plan how and when you will approach your project.

Undertaking the research to address your question(s) is likely to include both secondary research (what is already known) and primary research (what you need to find out).

With all projects something will be produced. This may be a report, artifact, instillation, presentation or a prototype.

An essential stage in the project is to improve upon the first iteration and make the necessary adjustments. It is highly likely you will re-visit this stage many times throughout the project.

The project is then typically presented as a report, demonstration or oral presentation (however there may also be other ways to do this).

As students, the final stage which is the evaluation of the projects, is a key area to consider as it is often included the requirements of the project brief. However it is a valuable stage for all projects, and it is useful to build this in. In order to evaluate effectively, you either have to have a very good memory or engage in ways you can capture ongoing feedback and reflection throughout the project.


Feedback and Reflection

Throughout a project you will have the opportunity to engage in feedback from peers, tutors and other stakeholders who have an interest in your project. You can find more information about this in the Feedback section. Reflecting on your progress throughout a project is valuable for many reasons and you can find out more in the Reflection section. PBL_reflection_and_feedback

Project Based Learning Toolkit

Suggestions for tools that can be useful at each stage of the project can be found in the Project Based Learning Toolkit section. (There is a drop down menu which provide a link to a dedicated section for each of the seven stages).