Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios (also referred to as e-portfolios) provide learners a space to contain a variety of artifacts relating to their learning. This archived collection has the potential to document learning and enable learners to reflect on their learning journey and evaluate the skills developed along the way. By engaging in reflective practice, learning can identify areas for improvement and take ownership responsibility for their own future learning. Achieved personal, academic and professional goals can then be showcased. The learner should have control over what can be seen by others and what is ‘work in progress’. Having an audience can motivate learners and increase engagement.


Digital tools

Ideally the digital portfolio should be a space the learner can take with them and not confined to the institutional virtual learning environment or similar, where typically once students leave are no longer accessible. The space should offer the functionality to create both private and public sections; and in which audio, video and images can be embedded alongside written narratives.

  • Website – Google Sites
  • Blog – WordPress, Blogger
  • Wiki –
  • Digital notebooks – OneNote Endnote